Humane Euthanasia

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If you do feel that you are ready for euthanasia, please phone the office and we will set up an appointment for you.  We will ensure you get put into an exam room right away for privacy.  If possible, we will put you in a bigger room that has chairs rather than the bench.  It will also have the urns and paw prints on display.  An assistant will go over some paperwork with you to ensure that we know exactly what you want for aftercare. You and your family can decide whether you are comfortable staying with your pet or if you choose to spend some time saying goodbye, and leaving before the euthanasia is performed.  Even if you are not there for the euthanasia, your pet will be comforted by a team member and have comfortable bedding to lay on.  We treat all pets like our own because we understand how difficult this time is.

An IV catheter will be placed for your pet  in the treatment area, and then a veterinarian will join you in the room and explain the procedure to you.  Basically we are giving an anesthetic injection, so your pet will fall asleep and then pass away; it is typically peaceful and there is no pain from the injection.  You are welcome to pay while you are waiting for the IV catheter so that you can just leave once the euthanasia is done.  We will show you a separate exit as well if you do not wish to go back through the waiting room afterwards.

Below is the website for Gateway which is the company that we use for pet cremation.  There are links that explain a special versus communal cremation, and shows different products that they offer.  They offer a large selection urns, paw prints and other keepsake items but if there is something special that we do not offer you can make arrangements with Gateway. 

Office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm, outside of these hours please call
1-800-227-6915 and press 2.