Therapy Laser

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Laser therapy involves passing a laser beam across your pet’s skin, directly above the area where your pet has discomfort.  To your pet it feels like some warmth is being dispensed to the exact spot where the tissue needs help.  During this time your pet feels extremely comfortable!  The treatment time and intensity varies depending on the condition being treated and the size of your pet, so each treatment is individualized.

Laser therapy only acts on abnormal cells and does nothing to normal cells.  It helps reduce healing time by up to 50% by putting laser energy into the cells and causing the cells to reproduce faster.  It increases circulation and dilates the blood vessels at the site, which reduces pain, swelling and inflammation. It reduces pain by stimulating an endorphin release.

Laser therapy is used to treat a variety of acute and chronic conditions such as wounds, acute trauma, cystitis and arthritis.  The laser treatments are cumulative and each treatment builds on the last one.  You may see improvement after one treatment, but generally several treatments are required to gain the maximum effects especially for chronic conditions.  The doctor will advise how many treatments are required for your pet’s particular condition.

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